Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hard Slab Construction Clay - High School Students

Making and working with hard slab construction is always a bit of a struggle with my students. They tend not to always remember to wrap their projects tightly and then upon drying they get cracks. But I find once I get them through that stage, they really like working with slabs. I have done two projects. In the first project every student creates the same cube to start. Then they can do whatever they want to the box. It's fun to see what they come up with!

Going to need a bank to save money for Tiffany's!

The Space Shuttle heading to Mars - aliens await!

In the 2nd semester, I sometimes assign a project called "My Corner of the World". Students make a corner using three hard slabs. They are encouraged to create a tableau that reflects either their world, their culture, a place they love, or express how they feel.

This is a street tableau with graffiti. This girl used to be in a gang.

This is a Hmong student who expressed her love of the Asian culture.

This project speaks to the student's two different cultures and the different sides of herself.

From Puerto Rico!

This student had a very unhappy year, "Trust No One, Forever Alone"

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